Yellow Tail Animations

During my time at We Are Social AU, Yellow Tail tasked us with a complete rebrand of their social media. Part of this included establishing a visual feel to the way their content is animated.

Following the print and paper look of existing Yellow Tail branding, I implemented sticker style transitions, paper textures and fun, practical feeling animations.

Similarly, for their Television Commercials that needed social subtitling, I used animations that felt both tactile and lighthearted to affirm the brand's ToV as well as the no frills message in the ads themselves.


Bringing the brand to life through animation was a key part of my role in their rebranded social media campaigns. In particular, my character animation of Yellow Tail's Kangaroo emblem is one that is still often used in a number of their projects across social media.

CLIENT Yellow Tail
Agency We Are Social AU
Role Design / Motion Graphics / Typography
Year 2016