Stranger Things x Round the Twist

Netflix | We Are Social 

The popularity of Stranger Things in Australia presented the perfect opportunity to compare it to the 1990s Australian cult classic, Round The Twist, whose sci-fi themes and child protagonists have a lot in common with 11 and co. So, we produced a shot-for-shot adaptation of Round The Twist's iconic title credits made from Stranger Things footage – all tied together by the theme song's refrain: "Strange things happen when you're going Round the Twist."

"This Round The Twist and Stranger Things mashup will make your day."
Huffington Post

"The perfect moments have been lovingly grabbed and used in the exact right parts."

"Netflix has delivered the ultimate homage."

"Why did they do this? It doesn't matter... All that matters is that it's perfect."

"The fact that someone actually thought to do this deserves praise in itself, but the final outcome is just superb."
Capital FM

"Netflix blesses the internet with epic mash-up"
Mirror UK

"The meeting of everyone's favourite sci-fi thriller and the most Australian kids show ever is truly a thing of beauty."
Oyster Mag

"Aussie-specific perfection."

"This Stranger Things and Round The Twist Mashup Is Perfection."

"Drop everything and watch this amazing mashup."

"It’s a perfect combination."
The Vine

"This Stranger Things/Round The Twist mashup will be stuck in your head all damn day."

Client Netflix
Agency We Are Social AU
Role Editing / GFX
Year 2016