BFI - Butterfinger investigators

Piro was challenged to come up with an idea to revitalise the Butterfinger brand with a focus on the their playful nature and irresistible taste.

Leaning into the tagline of "No one lays a finger on my Butterfinger" we devised a webisode and companion commercials following the Butterfinger Investigators (Detectives Hugh Dunnit and Ali Byes) on their mission to solve cases of Butterfinger theft.

As the Senior Editor and Art Director I put together the cut, ensuring the comedic tone was front and centre, as well as designing the artworks, motion graphics and all VFX throughout.

In addition to the webisode I also oversaw the editing and design of 15s and 30s TV Commercial cut-downs, a suite of social media content including GIFs and short videos as well as content partnerships with XBox and Twitch.

Client Butterfinger
Agency Piro
Role Senior Editor / Art Director
YEAR 2020
Muse by Clio
Media Post