Australians For Underwood

For Season 5 of House Of Cards, Australia needed something big to build hype and national anticipation for the new series.

Our execution was Australians For Underwood – a 'supporter-made' and driven online and media presence with a fearless and unrelenting support for President Frank Underwood, all with an Aussie spin.

My contribution to this execution involved working closely with the Art Director on the conceptualising and creation of politically motivated videos, stills, merchandise photography and other social media content over the month-long course of the campaign.

Tell us what you see

For the Australians For Underwood response to the Claire Underwood VO teaser from the upcoming season, I helped concept and execute a remake/parody of a well known Australian Government anti-terrorism ad from 2004. Produced almost entirely with practical effects, our appropriated version featured key scenes and clues from the series and brought from conceptualisation to delivery within a 24h deadline.

Key show moments

To blur the distinction between the world of House of Cards and reality, we executed a number of in-situ videos that both established the real-world authenticity of our brand and rewarded fans of the series with an extra, darker layer of meaning.

CLIENT Netflix
Agency We Are Social AU
Role Concept / Design / Motion Graphics / Cinematography / Sound
Year 2017